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The Bunyip’s Thermopot


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The Bunyip’s Thermopot is an energy efficient cooking pot. An insulated cooking system that traps the heat inside. You simply …

  • Start the cooking process using just about any available heat source,
  • then put it in the outer pot somewhere out-of-the-way to continue cooking.

A thick sandwich-bottom on the inner cooking pot : a 2nd internal pot to separate two parts of the meal : quality seals. You can probably see these things in the pictures on this page.

Save money on power.

It uses a fraction of the normal energy needed while cooking. So use it at home as well to reduce power bills.

Save yourself time.

Simply start the cooking process on your stove or gas-burner, then let the Thermopot continue the cooking. You don’t need to watch it any more.

Make camp cooking easier.

It is ideal for camping and traveling.Make home dinners easier.
When you get back home from work late, it’s not often you feel like cooking dinner. This is perfect for working families.

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Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions28 × 29 × 29 cm


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