It’s that time of year again!

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Those really organised Christmas shoppers have already got their shopping done and wrapped and ready to go under the tree! But for the rest of us mere mortals it’s time to start getting the lists written and trying not to be stuck in the throws of last minute panic shopping.

The Bunyip’s made a list what we think are some of the hottest camping gear pressy ideas this season and here they are in no particular order.

1. The car, van awning. It seems like every second vehicle on the road has one of these attached to the roof, and for good reason. They are so convenient. Easy to put up and down, perfect for a bit of extra shade or protection from rain when at the beach, in the bush or just having a cuppa at a side of the road pitstop. The are also great  for a bit of extra protection when you just want to chuck down your swag and get a few ZZZZs.

2. Which brings me to the trusty canvas Swag! Such a handy item, every camper should have one. I know many people who use them in their caravan or camper or just have one packed away in there just in case. Also even if you are a caravaner you might not always want to tow the van and unpack the lot just for a night. They are also perfect for the kids and teens who are camping with you. It gives them that little bit of independence from Mum and Dad and also frees up a fair bit of inside space.

4. Sleeping bag…of course. That needs no explanation. Even non-campers need a sleeping bag right??

5. Tent. If you don’t have a van or camper then a tent is perfect and lots of people prefer them. They are perfect for beginners and young people camping on a budget. A great gift for teenagers and young adults wanting to get out on weekends with a few mates. Or for the family, with massive two and three room tents a family can really have a spacious and comfortable campout.

6. Fire! Ok so you can’t really give fire but a portable fire pit would do the trick. I like the Australian built and designed Nomad but the more budget friendly notebook grill is great for doubling as a cooking grill.

7. and my favourite and a little bit of camping luxury is the Staresso Portable coffee Machine
you’ll be pleasantly surprised that such a small little machine makes really good coffee. Nothing makes waking up from a beautiful night camping under the starts even more perfect then a cup of proper coffee!

These are the Bunyip’s top picks!

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