Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re swagin’ it, tenting-it or in a van you’ll need a good sleeping bag. You’ll find the one you use in summer may not be warm enough in winter and a winter one too hot for summer so if you are a serious camper you should have 2 sleeping bags.

For winter you’ll want a bag that is long enough to cover you, but not so long that there is a heap of air space below your feet that needs to heat up. It should be wide enough to fit your girth without leaving a lot of extra space in the bag. The more air space you have in the bag the harder it is to keep warm. A slim built person should go for a slim line bag while a bigger person would be more comfortable in a wider one.

Keeping warmth in around your head and neck is important too. Most of our heat is lost through the head and neck area, so a bag that fits snuggly around the top of your head or is hooded will help keep you toasty.

For camping in most areas in Australia during winter you’ll be comfortable in a bag that has a temperature rating from 10º to -15º.

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