[info]The Survivor Rocket Stove is an environmentally friendly wood-burning stove.[/info]

wood stove & Dragon pot

Silver Fire Wood Stove with Dragon Pot ( the Dragon Pot is not included & is sold separately )

Ideal for campers and those living “off the grid”.  It’s a cean-cook stove, made of strong durable stainless steel and cast iron – fast to start and heat. It can be used to cook in the same way you would use a gas stove.

The stove takes surprisingly little fuel. A few twigs, corn cobs or whatever you have on hand is enough to get it roaring, small pencil sized twigs are recommended for optimal combustion.

All the fuel is used, all that is left after use is a fine powdery ash no lumps of charcoal like you get with a traditional fire. Here you can hear Todd from Silverfire go over all the technology used in the Scout Rocket stove . You can find several reviews of the Silverfire® Survivor Rocket stove on Youtube, please keep in mind when viewing these that in Australia the stove is only approved for out-door use.

The stove consists of a an insulated combustion chamber, a cast iron cooking hob (concave shaped to increase heat transfer), carry handles, heat reducing baffles on stove base to help protect cooking surface, combustion chamber door with viewing porthole and a loader shelf for safe loading of fuel.

  • Stove Weight approx. 6.5 kg
  • Stove Height: 32 cm
  • Cast Iron Cook Top Diameter: 27 cm

Why the Bunyip likes the Survivor Rocket Stove:

  • Easy to use.
  • No need to lug around coal, wood, gas etc.
  • No need to connect to electricity.
  • Portable.
  • Can be used with his Thermopot, camp oven, skillet, BBQ plate, or the Silverfire® Dragon pot.
  • Good for camping.
  • Good at home.
  • Would be handy in a survival situation.

Very sorry, we’re out of stock at present.

This portable fire pit is pretty cool though …

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Coming back soon. Watch it burn ! …

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