It Holds the Heat of a Dragon ! And looks pretty snazzy too !

Carrot Cake Cooked in the Dragon Pot

Carrot Cake Cooked in the Dragon Pot

The 6.5 litre Dragon Pot is especially made and designed to go on the Silverfire® Survivor Rocket Stove.

It’s ideal for boiling water, cooking pasta, potatoes, even a cake !
The Dragon Pot is the only stainless steel double layered bottom, full skirted pot on the planet.
Here you can here Todd from Silverfire introducing and going over the technology used in the Dragon Pot.

Why do you want a fully skirted pot ?

Not just because it looks good but because it :

  • reduces cooking time,
  • reduces fuel emissions,
  • reduces fuel use,
  • reduces the amount of time needed to clean the sooty exterior of the pot,
  • and it creates a wind block.

At just $97 it’s the perfect cooking accessory.

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