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STARESSO Portable Coffee Maker Red Dot Award Winner

Features – Choose – Black, Green or Pink

Portable Coffee Maker: Compact, simple, and fast, the Staresso is perfectly designed for the coffee lover on the go.

Red Dot Award Winner: With a handheld Staresso machine, you can prepare amazing espresso anywhere.

High-quality Espresso: The STARESSO uses pressure (up to 15 bar) to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly; more flavour comes out with less acidity or bitterness.

Quick Cold Brew: It takes only several minutes for the STARESSO to make a cup of cold brew coffee, which is even better than normal cold brew coffee.

Simple and Easy to Care For: The open design makes the cleaning simple and quick.

Product weight and dimensions

  • Item Weight: 1.6 KG
  • Dimensions: (LXHXW) 30x15x15cm


“This little machine is wonderful!! I can get the same drinks I get at my favourite store now conveniently at my home. The Staresso Coffee Maker is small, convenient and easy to use. It makes small shot-sized glasses of coffee, expresso, and even cappuccino. It’s a wireless, manual machine that creates these drinks in less than five minutes. It uses regular coffee grinds in the filter. It can be used with both water and milk. It even makes frothy toppings. It’s also portable which means you can take your coffee on the go. Great for use in the home or office. Clean up is very easy. I ran each piece under hot water and set aside to dry. There is a small brush included to clean the basket of the filter. The box also includes a free gift! mine was an extra glass! It’s my new favourite kitchen accessory!!

“I’m a coffee hound who appreciates every part of the beans.  From the picking to the roasting, and finally the creation of the nectar.  Nothing has such an amazing aroma in every part of the process.  I started drinking espresso a few years back.  I would drink it every day but I don’t have the patience to make it for myself.  This espresso machine is the answer from the coffee God.  I’ve been blessed with my own portable espresso machine.  I’m able to make my own espresso anywhere I want and it takes no effort at all.
This machine is human powered by a push pump.  It forces the water through the grounds under pressure.  The pump creates a pressurized water flow through the chamber that pushes water through the compacted grounds.  Powerful nectar comes out the bottom and collects in the cup below.  The cup has an outer holder that keeps my steaming nectar from burning my hands.
If I choose to add some frothy milk, I can pour warm milk into the water chamber and pressurized it by pumping up the handle.  Within a minute, I’ve got frothy bubbly milk.  Awesome to pour on my cup of espresso,  the milk holds on top as I as drink it, making that last dip a creamy bit of heaven.  As I said, I’m feeling blessed by the coffee God today.

“First off, want to say the box it comes in is very elegant and nice. Could not even figure how to open it… Ha. Once I got it open and all the contents out, I think the box weighs over a pound. Had to double check to see if I left something in there. So, the packaging of this product gets an A++. You can be sure it will arrive undamaged in this box.
Ok, now to the product. It is a very elegant piece of gadgetry for your kitchen, work, place or camping. It works well too. Including the glasses was a nice move, since they fit inside the maker. Using it is easy as well, just put a scoop in the spot, press down, assemble, pour hot water in the reservoir and then assemble top, give a 1/4 turn on the pump to release and press slowly till the plunger is down. Unscrew bottom and enjoy your coffee.
I plan on using this at work for a single cup or possibly taking on trips to have good coffee wherever I go.”

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