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Self inflating Mattress Single 10cm Blue


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Weisshorn Self-Inflating Mat

Made of high density 10cm thick polyurethane foam, this self-inflating mat offers great sleeping comfort. With anti-slip polyester pongee bottom and PVC coating, the mat is suitable for all ground surfaces. With joinable buttons on the sides of the mat allowing you to join multiple mats together. Equipped with 2 efficient self-inflating valves at the end of the mat, it only takes a minute to inflate.


* Durable and water resistant
* 10cm thick polyurethane foam
* Efficient self-inflating valves
* Joinable mat
* Easily roll up mat for easy transportation and storage
* Comes with a carry bag


* Material: Polyurethane foam w/ PVC coating
* Inflation time: 60 seconds
* Colour: Blue
* Size: 190x54x10cm
* Weight: 4.1kg

Package Contents

* 1 x Self-Inflating Mat
* 1 x Carry Bag

*****Product Review*****

02 Mar, 2018
Brilliant Very comfortable

10 Jan, 2017
I have been using my mattress for 6months now and it is great. My 30 kilo dog walks all over it and sometimes sleeps at my feet on it. So i have purchased another one to make it into a double. I find that they do not slip apart even when not using the press studs. Depending on the amount of air you allow into the mattress it can be soft or hard. After being in storage….. The first time you use it; the mattress needs about 24 hours for the foam to rise to full capacity…but even when not at full capacity it still offers a good mattress to sleep on.
03 Oct, 2017
It’s very comfortable and easy to use.

23 Nov, 2017
Ready to use in minutes.
Best camping mattress I’ve had.

24 Oct, 2016
Great product, all be it very narrow
I found the mattress extremely comfortable (and I am not a small person) however, it was extremely narrow. I even think 2 buttoned together would not be wide enough for a double swag or 2 people.



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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm


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