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Portable Gas Oven Camping


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This 3-in-1 oven that allows you to bake, grill or cook according to your tastes. The cordierite ceramic stone provides the perfect pizza baking surface for a crunchy crust and fluffy insides. Use the grill plate for all your chargrilling needs such as at your regular summer barbecues and the cook plate for all other cooking needs. The pizza oven is easy to use, as you only need to connect an LPG tank and turn the ignition. The integrated thermostat means you are always in control of the cooking process and the stainless-steel drip tray makes cleaning up hassle-free. There is also a fastener to keep the pizza oven securely closed so that you can easily transport it around to truly enjoy perfect pizza whenever and wherever you please.


Full stainless-steel construction

12’’ cordierite ceramic stone

Scald-proof handle

Stainless-steel U-shaped burner

Ignition control knob

Integrated thermostat

Stainless steel drip tray

Easy to use and clean

Runs on LPG

Complies with AGA, IAPMO certification


Brand: Grillz

Pizza stone: Cordierite ceramic

Drip tray: Stainless steel

Heat Output: 11.6MJ/h

Gas type: LPG

Ignition: Piezo push button

Cooking area: 31cm x 30cm

Dimensions: 45cm x 53cm x 30cm

Colour: Silver

Package Content

1 x Gas Pizza Oven

1 x Pizza Stone

1 x Grill Tray

1 x Bake Tray

1 x User Manual

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