King Single Swag with Wing




This king-sized, single swag by Weisshorn has a side wing, giving you more protection getting in and out, or for covering bags and shoes in the rain. The walls are water repellent, rot-proof, UV and mould resistant. A mesh door and roof provides excellent ventilation. It also features PVC waterproof floor edge to stop dew leaking in. This swag will easily accommodate a family of bunyips.

This is the latest design that uses quality aluminium poles for extra strength and stability. It has a full length, zip-off top flap with heavy duty zips, and the swag is taller and has more foot space than other similar products in the market. Set up is very easy with the three aluminium poles, pegs and guide ropes.


  • 14oz 380GSM water repellent Ripstop canvas
  • 500GSM PVC waterproof flooring
  • 10cm extra high floor edge to prevent dew leak in
  • Durable aluminium poles : 1 x φ25mm, 2 x φ8.5mm
  • UV resistant – reduces heat accumulation
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Breathable inner fabric
  • Outer canvas and mesh can be fully rolled up
  • Mesh panels to keep insects out
  • 420D Oxford PVC coating carry bag
  • 2 x adjustable awning poles
  • Comes with 1 pillow, pegs and guide ropes
  • Easy to set up
  • Size: King Single
  • Base Dimension: 210 x 90cm
  • Mattress thickness: Approx. 60mm
  • Height: 80cm
  • Carry Bag Dimension: 100 x 30 x 30cm
  • Colour: Grey

Package Contents

1 x Camping Swag
1 x Assembly Kit
1 x Mattress
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Air Pillows

Additional information


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