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Grillz 2-in-1 Offset BBQ Smoker – Black


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Grill and smoke your food in exceptional style with the GRILLZ Offset 2-in-1 BBQ Smoker. Comprising a chrome-coated steel BBQ grill, a generous cooking chamber and robust side firebox, the sealed and thick metal body renders the Smoker excellent heat retention and heat distribution properties. Ensuring all the natural flavours and delights of your cooking are absorbed back into the meats for its delectable goodness. Furthermore, the air outlets provides good ventilation while an integrated thermometer also helps you to monitor cooking temperature for best results.

With the wide front bench, you have plenty of space for your spices, ingredients, sauces, utensils and other BBQ essentials. With two wheels the BBQ Smoker can be easily moved.


* Chrome-coated steel BBQ grill
* 2-in-1 design
* Easily Portable
* Stainless steel grill plate
* Large work bench
* Scold-proof handle
* Unique chimney
* Temperature display
* Equipped with wheels
* Good ventilation


* Material: Heavy-duty steel
* Cooking area size: 51.5x29cm + 26.5x29cm
* Charcoal rack size: 54.5×19.5cm + 27×19.5cm
* Colour: Black

Package Contents

1 x Offset BBQ Smoker
1 x User Manual

Product Reviews

05 Aug, 2017

Cheap but food is amazing
First off, this is a cheap smoker made of cheap materials and time will tell how long it lasts… BUT the food that comes out of it is amazing. Cooked steaks over charcoal which tasted beautiful. Also slow cooked a piece of brisket and that turned out great. Just be sure to google how to cook with it. Pretty good intro into smoking.

10 Dec, 2017
Good value for price paid.
Downside is that both drums do not seal fully allowing too much
smoke to escape .However smoking has been acceptable.

10 Oct, 2018
Bloody ripper
Food comes out great.

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