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Devanti Portable Gas Hot Water Heater and Shower




Devanti Portable Gas Hot Water Heater and Shower

The Devanti Gas Water Heater to meet your outdoor showering needs. Easy to install, the Water Heater can heat up to 480L of water per hour at your preferred temperature setting conveniently shown on the LED display. The heater has a built-in processor that sets the maximum water temperature at 50°C.
Lightweight and portable, the Gas Heater comes with a handy handle and all the required mounting brackets for a hassle-free set-up. Enjoy the open country. And enjoy your warm showers too with the Devanti Gas Water Heater.

* Lightweight and portable
* LED digital display
* Fully adjustable temperature with maximum 50°C
* Constant water flow of up to 8L/min
* Winter and summer setting
* Water flow adjustment
* Dry burning protection
* Flame out protection
* Incline resistant protection
* Cost effective and environmentally friendly
* Mounting brackets
* Convenient carry handle
* Uses 2 x D Cell Batteries (Not included)
* Complies to Australian standards
* Gas Safety Certified

* Total nominal gas consumption: 28MJ/h
* Gas pressure: 2.8kPA
* Minimum water pressure: 0.3MPa
* Maximum water pressure: 1.0MPa
* Maximum water temperature: 50°C
* Gas: LPG
* Flow rate: 480L/H
* Battery: 2 x D Cell (not included)
* Colour: Beige, white, silver or black

Package Content
1 x Devanti Gas Water Heater
1 x Chrome Shower Hose
1 x Gas Hose
1 x Gas Regulator
1 x Water Connector
1 x Mounting Accessories set
1 x User Manual

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Beige, Black, Silver, White

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