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Campfire Portable Tripod


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A Tripod is a greta accessory in your camp cooking kit. They are great for hanging your Camp oven, billy ect
The adjustable height allows you to vary the cooking temperature of your camp oven, giving you more control while cooking and avoiding the charcoal (or even worse the raw) camp oven dinner.


Heavy duty solid steel construction.
Nickel plated chain with “S” hook for easy cooking height adjustment.
Perfect for hanging Dutch ovens, tea pots, coffee pots ect.
Also can be used for lanterns, water jugs.
Safe easy set up and store.
A chain with one “S” hook for easy cooking height adjustment.
Three sections can be fixed through steel clips, telescopic design.


Size: 80CM 53CM after the start of height, distance between the horns
Weight: 440 grams
Folding Size:33*7*3.8cm


1 Tripod (the cooker is not included)


Additional information

Weight0.48 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 7 cm


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