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Who else hates finding little spaces to pack all the fiddly things you'll need while camping? And then trying to remember where the spot was when you need something !

Well this handy little tool sure solves that problem.

Nothing is more frustrating then sitting down at the campfire and realising you forgot the can or bottle opener! Don't let that be you !

This cool little tool is so handy. Keep it in your pocket or glovebox and you'll always know where your can opener, bottle opener, knife, saw blade and screwdriver are ... save hours searching around.

Nothing is sweeter then sitting down at the campfire in the evening and hearing the crisp sound of your coldie being opened.

  • A can opener - there are few things more annoying than sitting by the fire with a can you can't open.
  • Bottle opener - because not everything comes with a twist top.
  • Knife - to cut string or whittle a tent peg.
  • Saw blade - always comes in handy.
  • Screw driver - there is always a screw that needs tightening or undoing.
  • 2 position, 4 position and butterfly wrenchs for bolts.
  • Direction auxiliary indication - in case you get lost .......
  • A handy ruler ... to prove a point and things like that.