The Bunyip's Ultimate Package Introductory Special

$580 . . .

but for a limited time . . . only $410

  • Want to save money on power ?
  • save yourself time & hassle ?
  • and make camp cooking way more fun ?

This is one package that the Bunyip doesn't want you to miss out on. His Thermopot, a SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove and a Dragon Pot, going for $410 only !!! ( + postage )

Get your package now before the introductory offer expires !

It can be a pain hanging around while dinner cooks, or waiting for a gas-bottle refill to arrive.

BUT this package will handle that, and make cooking EASY and FAST.

Use the SilverFire stove to set the meal cooking with a few twigs. Then let the Bunyip's Thermopot finish the job while you go do something else. Use the Dragon Pot to cook a tasty hot snack while the main meal cooks.

Imagine this ...

  • Save money on power.

    A handful of twigs. Need I say more.

  • Save yourself time.

    Simply start the cooking process on the SilverFire Survivor Stove, then let the Thermopot continue the cooking. You don’t need to watch it any more.

  • Make camp cooking easier.

    It is ideal for camping and traveling.

  • Please and impress the crowd.

    With a rocket stove a Thermopot and a Dragon Pot, you will become the ultimate camping cook !

How it Works

Prepare your evening ( or lunch-time ) meal in the morning, then leave it cooking in the Bunyip's Thermopot ready for you to eat when you get back.

Start cooking your food by placing the inner pot from the Bunyip's Thermopot on the SilverFire Stove. Light up, and heat up the food easily and fast with only a few twigs as fuel. Watch the video below.

Then transfer the inner pot into the Bunyip’s Thermopot & close the lid. The food will keep cooking in a similar way to an electric slow-cooker, but without the need of electricity.

It's that easy !

What do you get ? ...

  • A vacuum-sealed, heavy-based pot, for extra heat retention and stability and improved closing and sealing mechanisms.
  • One 6 litre stainless-steel, sandwich base cooking pot.
  • One 3 litre stainless-steel pot.
  • One Survivor Rocket Stove.
  • One 6.5 litre, fully-skirted, stainless steel Dragon Pot.

Get your package now, before the capricious Bunyip raises the price to $580.