$75 Off For Easter

It can be a pain hanging around while the oven's on, or the fire's burning. BUT the Bunyip's Thermopot makes it MUCH EASIER and speeds-things-up.

Imagine this ...

  • Save money on power.

    It uses a fraction of the normal energy needed while cooking. So use it at home as well to reduce power bills.

  • Save yourself time.

    Simply start the cooking process on your stove or gas-burner, then let the Thermopot continue the cooking. You don’t need to watch it any more.

  • Make camp cooking easier.

    It is ideal for camping and traveling.

  • Make home dinners easier.

    When you get back home from work late, it’s not often you feel like cooking dinner. This is perfect for working families.

How it Works

Prepare your evening ( or lunch-time ) meal in the morning, then leave it cooking in the pot ready for you to eat when you get back home from work, or get back to your campsite.

It’s similar to an electric slow cooker, but without the need of electricity for the majority of the cooking process.

Start cooking your food by placing the inner pot on the stove or gas burner, then transfer the pot into the Bunyip’s Thermopot & close the lid.

It's that easy !

Some cheaper pots don’t have the heavy base needed for even cooking. This can cause the food to catch or dry out.

And often, the cheaper ones have poor closing and sealing mechanisms that don’t trap the heat in properly.

What's it got ? ...

  • A vacuum-sealed, heavy-based pot, for extra heat retention and stability and improved closing and sealing mechanisms.
  • One 6 litre stainless-steel, sandwich base cooking pot.
  • One 3 litre stainless-steel pot.

Get one now before the capricious Bunyip changes his mind and ups the price again.

I have one – and use it at home all the time. Wonderful things.


Love cooking silverside in mine

L. B.

These are wonderful, I use mine at home as well as away. My husband was rather skeptical that they would work, he is impressed.

J. I. C.

I liked the idea that you could start a meal in the morning and have it ready to eat when you stopped for the night. Also like the fact that you didn’t need to have and electrical or gas energy source if you wanted to leave the meal unattended.


Cooked meal at the end of a day’s travelling without having to rush around. Love it.

B. M.

They make great eskys to , keeps drinks super cool

J. S

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