Directions of Use:

1. Place ingredients into inner pot

2. Cover  with stainless steal lid and put on stove/bbq/gas burner and bring to the boil.

3. Lower temperature to maintain a gentle boil for the desired time.

4. Place the inner pot into the Thermopot note: the handle may be hot so use a oven mitt or similar. Close the lid of the Thermopot.

5. When cooking time is complete be careful when lifting the lid of the Thermopot as steam may escape.

Keeping foods or drinks cold !

1 To keep drinks cold fill large outer pot with ice and drinks. Place into the Thermopot and close the lid. Place in a shaded area.

2. To keep salads etc cool place ice in the large pot until it is about 1/4 full. Add salads to the smaller pot and place inside the lager pot. Put on the stainless steal lid and put both pots inside the Thermopot. Place in a shaded area.

* Should keep cool for up to 8 hours if not placed in direct sun or a heated area such as an annex or car.


Do not heat the Thermopot directly.

Do not put food directly into the Thermopot.

The handle of the inner pots may be hot. Handle them with care.

Care and use advice:

Do not use corrosive cleaners, metal brushes, steal wool etc on the outer or inner pots.

For most effective cooking have the pots no less then 2/3 rds full. Smaller amounts cause the temperature in the pot to drop quicker.

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