[info]Not having to use power for the entire cooking period saves money. My father-in-law, who is a retired electrical engineer, says that using the thermopot 4 times a week will save around $250 a year in electricity ![/info]

What is a Thermal Cooker ?

  • It’s a cooking system that traps in the heat long after it’s been taken off the heat !
  • This means you can continue slow cooking without the use of any additional heat source.
  • It cooks just like an electric slow cooker but without the need for power.

How does it work ?

There’re a couple of different technologies used to ‘keep in the heat’.

Some thermal cookers use a kind of foam pumped in-between two walls usually made of stainless steel, although some cheaper brands use a layer of steel and a layer of food grade plastic.

The other more advanced and in my opinion superior technology is using a vacuum seal.

The vacuum seal works by having two layers of stainless steel with a vacuum and a reflecting layer in between them. This prevents conduction, which is to say it prevents the transmission of the heat out of the pot.

How can I use it ?

[info]Once you’ve used it once or twice you’ll realise how easy it is to use. Just start cooking your food on a heat source, then transfer the saucepan to the thermopot, close the lid and leave it to do it’s thing for several hours.[/info]

There are other ways to use a thermopot you might not have thought of too :

  • A handy and convenient couple of buckets, for a leaky emergency (don’t laugh you’d be surprised the amount of people who have had to use the saucepans and outer pot of their thermopots to bail out or catch unexpected leaks)
  • Not-so-slow-cooking like scrambled eggs for breaky
  • Keeping take away food hot
  • Keeping supermarket food hot for an easy dinner i.e. a BBQ chicken
  • Proofing dough
  • Make yogurt
  • Slowly reheat cooked meat so it doesn’t dry out
  • The perfect boiled fruit cake 
  • and Christmas pudding
  • Keep fresh prawns to other seafood cold until lunch
  • Keep the oven and stove top free while to prepare other food when catering for a large group.
  • Keep drinks cold
  • Make big batches of soup
  • Keep meals warm or cold when you need to “bring a plate”

So there you have it. There is more to a thermal cooker then meets the eye !

Attention: Starving Campers!beef_jerky_booklet_460

Beef jerky is expensive to buy. So why not make it yourself at home!

  • Tastes great.
  • Lots of protein for walks and camping.
  • Much cheaper to cook yourself.

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