To search high and low and find the best thermal carry bag to go with his Thermopot.
He gave me some criteria to meet:

  1. It had to be Australian Made,
  2. It had to look good,
  3. It had to fit like a glove,
  4. It had to be more then just a carry bag

It’s taken months but I found the EasyOven Thermal Cooking Bag.
This bag fits snugly over the Bunyip’s Thermopot.
It’s looks good, I love the camo design, it’s more then just a carry bag !

The EasyOven also helps the Bunyip’s Thermopot do it’s cooking job. It works off the same principle as thermal cookers, it can be used on it’s own as a thermal cooker. Just put your casserole dish, saucepan or camp oven in to the EasyOven in the same way you would with a thermal cooker. Combined with the bunyip’s Thermopot the heat is locked in for even longer ! I found after 7 hours using both the Bunyip’s Thermopot and the EasyOven the food was still really hot, like it had just come off the boil.
I even accidentally left the food in there overnight and at 10am the next morning it was still warm. Not hot but still warm. I wouldn’t recommend doing it as it probably doesn’t comply with food safety standards after that long but I was amazed that the food was still fairly warm.

Best of all it’s Australian Made and designed !! Who doesn’t like supporting Australian manufacturing.

Here’s the introductory offer. Enter the coupon code EarlyBird before the 15th July at the checkout and receive 15% off the Bunyip’s EasyOven Combo.

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