Australia’s Top Outdoor Swimming Spots Revealed

Australia has swimming spots in almost every corner. From New South Wales to the Northern Territory and Tasmania, you’ll be able to enjoy great waters regardless of where you live or planning to travel to.

Here’s our take on the best swimming spots Australia has to offer, in no particular order.

Blacksmiths Beach, Lake Macquarie New South Wales

Blacksmiths Beach is one of the best swimming spots Lake Macquarie has to offer. It features a small kiosk, barbecue areas, and public showers among other amenities. And, it’s close to Blacksmiths, so you can easily skip into town in case you forgot anything. Not to mention the fact that is has a large open space and pristine waters that are patrolled by lifeguards during summer.

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Most of the island of Tasmania is protected within parks and natural reserves, which is one of the reasons why it has remained a prime swimming spot. The Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park offers clear water, white sand beaches, and picturesque cliffs that serve as a backdrop to this popular beach.

Bronte Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney is full of amazing attractions, including a number of stunning beaches. This family beach has a natural rock pool that’s great for people of all ages and provides big BBQ areas. But, keep in mind that there are no pubs or cafes close by, so you’ll have to bring everything you need.

Alexandria Bay, Noosa National Park, Queensland

For travelers that want to go on a fun walking adventure through a forest, Noosa National Park may just be the right choice. Located in Queensland, Noosa National Park is also home to Alexandria Bay, a beautiful beach that’s perched at one of the ends of the protected area surrounded by emerald forests. 

Whites Beach, Broken Head, New South Wales

Although it’s one of the most-visited parts of the country, the area close to Byron Bay is home to a number of beautiful beaches. While it’s not a secret destination, Whites Beach in Broken Head provides a great alternative for Aussies who want to find a semi-secluded beach that’s not on every traveler’s list.

Addiscot Beach, Point Addis, Victoria

Victoria is home to the capital city, but it’s also a collection of beaches and attractions that include natural sanctuaries and alpine regions. Addiscot Beach in Point Addis is one of Victoria’s many beaches and it offers a great alternative for swimmers that want calm waters and a rugged coastline. But, keep in mind that clothing is optional on this beach!

Dudley Beach, Lake Macquarie New South Wales

Lake Macquarie is home to a number of awesome swimming spots, but Dudley Beach stands out because it also features gentle waves that are surfer-friendly. It’s a secluded beach that’s rarely patrolled by lifeguards, but it offers a great view of the Pacific Ocean and it gives you the opportunity to hike through the Bombala walking track.

Twin Falls, Springbrook National Park, Queensland

Despite the fact that Queensland is densely populated, there are many natural attractions that are not frequently used by neither locals nor tourists. Springbrook National Park is a great example, and it’s also home to a beautiful waterfall and prime swimming spot named Twin Falls. What’s more, the long stretch of canyons also provides a great alternative for people that want to find their own private swimming spot.

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