How does the Bunyip’s Thermopot work ?

The Bunyip’s Thermopot is made up of 3 pots – one outer pot and two inner saucepans.

The outer pot is vacuum-sealed and with a sandwich-base pot it holds in the heat ( or the cold if you are keeping things cold ). The vacuum seal works by having two layers of stainless steel with a vacuum and a reflecting layer in between them. This prevents conduction, which is to say it prevents the transmission of the heat out of the pot.

The seal of the Bunyip’s Thermopot also assists to reflect the heat right back into the pot and into the food. This is why the outside of your pot will remain cool to the touch despite the contents being piping hot.

The two inner stainless steel saucepans are good heat conductors, so they help conduct the heat into the food assisting in the cooking process.

How do I use the Bunyip’s Thermopot ?

That’s easy !

Once you’ve done it once you’ll realise how easy. You can use most slow cooking recipes in the Bunyip’s Thermopot.

Just start the cooking in the inner saucepans using a heat source. This can be an electric hot plate, a convection hot plate, gas hob of a bbq, even an open flame like that of the Survivor Rocket Stove.

You’ll usually need to get a boil going for around 20 minutes. Then put the saucepan into the vacuum sealed outer-pot and close the lid. For tips read this post : 7 tips for Bunyip’s Thermopot Cooking.

Can I use the inner saucepans on an open flame like a campfire ?

Yes. The large inner saucepan can be used in the same way you would use any good quality saucepan. In fact I use mine on the Survivor Rocket Stove often. The smaller pot is not recommended for use on an open flame. It would be OK for occasional use on low flame however regular use would greatly lessen it’s life span.

Can I put food directly in to the outer-pot ?

Already cooked food could be put into the outer-pot. However the outer-pot can’t be put onto a heat source for cooking as this could damage the pot and break the vacuum seal.

How do I cook rice in the Bunyip’s Thermopot ?

It does excellent rice.
1 – In the small pot boil 4 cups of water.
2 – Add 2 1/2 cups of rice.
3 – Return to the boil and boil gently for 4 minute.
4 – Put on stainless steal lid and place on top of what you have bubbling away in the big pot and put the entire lot into the outer pot and leave for at least 2 hours. But it can be left for much longer if it’s convenient..

How long do I need to boil the food ?

That depends on what you are cooking. A general rule is about 20 minutes.
However if you’re just doing vegetables you will only need to boil for a few minutes.
If you’re doing a large piece of meat you may like to boil it for 30 minuets. You want to heat the food right through during the boiling step.

Will you deliver the Bunyip’s Thermopot to my home address in Tasmania ?

Yes ! Your Bunyip’s Thermopot will be delivered to the address you nominate in PayPal.
The postage you’re charged at checkout is the average cost to deliver the Bunyip’s Thermopot around Australia. If you’d prefer to have the postage quoted separately then just email me using the contact form on the website.

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