Australia is known for things like superb rugby, kangaroos, and of course, the great outback. So it’s not a surprise that camping is such a popular pastime. What’s more, going on a solo adventure gives you the freedom to fully take in your surroundings and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.

That said, many solo travellers may feel a bit sketchy about taking a trip by themselves. But, contrary to what films will have you believe, organising a solo camping trip can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

Below, we’ll take a look at what camping by yourself can teach you and discuss tips on arranging the best solo trip you could possibly have.

What a Solo Camping Trip Can Teach You

Before going over the tips for having an unforgettable solo adventure, let’s look at the benefits of camping by yourself. Taking a solo camping trip is a great way to get more in touch with who you are – whether it be knowing what drives your happiness, your future goals, or even knowing how to appreciate the smaller things in your life.

It’s a great time to step back, analyse your current situation, and let your emotions roam free. You’ll be surprised to discover things about yourself that you’d never learn otherwise!

A Basic Guide to Your Solo Camping Trip

As a solo traveller, you won’t be able to rely on others in the event of the unexpected. So it’s best to pack the essentials and set off on your trip completely prepared. For starters, bringing a first-aid kit is a must in case of a medical emergency. Here are some other checklist points to go through:

Check Your Vehicle Before Heading Out

While it may seem obvious, a lot of people decide on taking a long trip without checking their vehicle first. Take it to your local mechanic to make sure your truck or vehicle is in good working condition.

Verify the Weather Forecast

Always remember to look at the weather forecast before taking a camping trip. Knowing the potential weather conditions will tell you what you need to pack. Be aware of severe weather warnings and plan accordingly to ensure your safety isn’t compromised at any point during your travels. That being said, slightly bad weather shouldn’t discourage you, but instead should serve as a simple reminder to pack the right items.

Avoid Dangerous Areas

This tip applies regardless if you’re travelling alone or not. Avoid dangerous areas such as cliff sides and zones with large predators. The weather report is also important as it can help you verify that there are no landslides and other potential dangers in the area.

Pack the Essentials

Like all big trips, you should create a list of essentials and verify that you have everything you need before heading out. Some of the most essential items include:

Also, note that if you’re going outside of Australia, it’s important to make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Visit a vaccination or travel doctor/travel clinic and inquire about special vaccines for the country or countries you’re heading to.

Entertainment is Key

As we mentioned before, you’ll be spending the entirety of your camping trip by yourself, so having entertainment can add another dimension to your adventure. Books, puzzles, and other activities that don’t require electricity are ideal, but you can always carry a portable solar charger as well.

Leave Nothing But Footprints!

This is an important unwritten rule for all camping trips. Remember to clean up after yourself and leave nothing but footprints!

Get the Best Gear for Your Camping Trip

Taking a solo camping trip can be very rewarding. That said, always make sure you carry all the essentials to ensure a pleasant adventure. Collect all the supplies you need, verify that your vehicle is in good shape, plan responsibly, and get ready to hit the road!

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