We’ve all been in this situation: We forgot something we needed when camping. What to do ? Here are 7 simple camping hacks that could get you out of a tricky situation.

  1. Vaseline on cotton-balls, or even dried grass and leaves make good kindling.
  2. A handful of sage tied to a wet stick and hung over the campfire keeps bugs away. So does burning dried-out cow poo if you don’t have any nice smelling sage.
  3. Cut a glow stick and put it in a jar of water, and close the lid to make a night light.
  4. Put holes in the lid of a rinsed-out 2 or 3 litre juice container and fill with water for a quick shower or rinse off.
  5. When using your camp oven you sometimes need a baking rack to stop things burning on the bottom. If you don’t have one, then just scrunch up some alfoil. If you are out in the bush, just use some old, rusty cans or fencing wire … both MUST be rusty though, or throw them in the fire for a while first to bake off the nasties. Or you can use soup cans to stand the baking tins on so your cake, bread etc doesn’t burn on the bottom.
  6. Use biodegradable tape to mark your trail so you don’t get lost while exploring the bush ( don’t use bread-crumbs ).
  7. Download the Emergency+ app to your phone, so that in an emergency, services can locate you exactly ( it sure beats lighting a signal fire ).

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