[info]Tents are great. Whether you are using them stand-alone or on your camper or caravan, a good water proof tent makes the entire camping trip better.[/info]

Here are 3 different ways these camping experts recommend to waterproof a tent or tarp.

(1) There is the store-bought waterproofing or solar proofing option.

There are a variety of different brands on the market in Australia ranging in price from about $10 to $40. From this video it  looks pretty easy however it doesn’t show effectiveness.

(2) You can also use a silicone based product.

Craig Lenhard in the video below shows how to make your own solution, however there are also products on the market ready made and by comparison fairly expensive.

This is quiet a messy procedure that will need a fair amount of space and the right weather conditions if done outside. Not too windy, not rainy, not to hot or sunny a day. The video also does not show how effective this DIY solution is but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be effective.

(3) My preferred method …

By and large my preferred method is shown in this next video.

A versatile, long lasting and tried and tested over many generations waterproofing solution.
I like how easy this is to keep and carry around with you when out and about and how versatile it is. I could be used on anything from tents, shoes, bags, waterproof jackets and clothing as well as the stock of guns.  Relatively simple and cost effective also.

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