Want Three Bonuses ?

We've got you covered ...

(1) The Handy Camping Tool

Thick stainless steel ( it ain't going to bend ) and a good size to fit in your wallet, pocket or on your keychain.

  • A Can Opener - there are few things more annoying than sitting by the fire with a can you can't open !
  • Bottle Opener - for that tasty beer.
  • Knife - to cut strings or hasty tent-peg whittling.
  • Saw blade - for those thicker sticks.
  • A Screwdriver and more ...

(2) The Clip-on Water Bottle Carrier

This clip-on water bottle holder has a compass. So you'll never lose your bottle or your way !

(3) Camp Shower

This portable camping shower will save you hours, looking for a suitable waterfall or public amenity in the outback. Light weight and durable. For a warm shower, just leave it in the sun.


How To Grab Your Free Bonuses

The Bunyip would be delighted to provide you with his THREE bonuses, when you purchase his Thermopot & Easy Oven combo.

The Bunyip's Thermopot

  • Do you want a hot, cooked meal when you get back to the van or camp ?
  • But you can't leave the stove on, or the fire burning ?
  • And you're sure not going to stay behind looking after the dinner while everyone else is having fun !

The Bunyip’s Thermopot is an energy efficient cooking pot.  An insulated cooking system that traps the heat inside. You simply start the cooking process using just about any available heat source, then put it in the outer pot somewhere out-of-the-way to continue cooking. Similar to an electric slow cooker but without the need for electricity.

What's it got ?

  • A vacuum-sealed, heavy-based pot, for extra heat retention and stability and improved closing and sealing mechanisms.
  • One 6 litre stainless-steel, sandwich base cooking pot.
  • One 3 litre stainless-steel pot.

The EasyOven

The EasyOven Thermal Cooking Bag is a thermal cooker that’s used in a similar way to the Bunyip’s Thermopot. However you can use your own casserole dish or camp oven or saucepan.
But we like it because it's also perfect to use with the Bunyip’s Thermopot as used together they trap in the heat for an extraordinary amount of time.
Just put the Bunyip's Thermopot inside the EasyOven thermal cooking bag to trap in even more heat. It also helps protects the Bunyip's Thermopot while traveling.