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The Bunyip's Thermopot

The Bunyip's Thermopot

Heat it up. Then put it somewhere out-of-the-way to continue cooking by itself.

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Solar Power Kits

The SilverFire® Rocket Stove

You'll never go back to gas after using one of these. This wood-burning stove heats up with a couple of sticks, providing massive heat. Nothing is left but ash and a hot meal.

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Free Handy Camping Tool !

Handy Camping Tool
  • A Can Opener – there are few things more annoying than sitting by the fire with a can you can’t open !
  • Bottle Opener – for that tasty beer.
  • Knife – to cut strings or hasty tent-peg whittling.
  • Saw blade – for those thicker sticks.
  • and ... a screwdriver,
  • a ruler,
  • butterfly screw wrench,
  • 2 position wrench,
  • direction auxiliary indication,
  • 4 position wrench,
  •  and a key-chain hole.

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Attention Starving Campers !


Need a Good Supply of Tasty High-Energy Snacks ?
Impress fellow campers with your own home-cooked beef jerky.

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